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  • John Paul Stroup, Jr

    John Paul Stroup, Jr

    I am a writer. How come do I want to write? To help the homosexual boy be himself with & for and in his hurt, confusion & violence and rejection. For I was one.

  • was Brexit RiGGED?

    was Brexit RiGGED?

    @daisybetty @dosaybe I hereby copyright my tweets, may be used freely by newsviews, Supporting ea of the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Indendence,Constitution.

  • F-Secure


    We are here to fight for digital freedom. Join the movement and switch on freedom. http://f-secure.com

  • Philippe Jarreau

    Philippe Jarreau

  • Praveen Narayan

    Praveen Narayan

    Content Connoisseur

  • Anthony Goodwin

    Anthony Goodwin

    Business Development and HR @iRecruitOz #careers #future #teams #insights on #recruitment #trends, #employers & #job #jobhunting #digitaldisruption

  • Zahra Noorbakhsh

    Zahra Noorbakhsh

    Feminist, Satirist, Muslim, Iranian-American comedian, @sfgrotto denizen--check out my one woman show All Atheists Are Muslim, touring colleges nationwide!

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